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About George:

George Mercado is a man who wears many hats and has many titles. He is a creative soul who truly loves to discover the very essence of life and to promote that feeling unto others in hopes that they become inspired to do the same. He is a photographer, a professional graphic designer with 25 years of design & marketing experience and a creator of various brands such as “Vapin Vineyards, Hempol CBD, Euphoric Hue, Exploration Florida, Rustic Dream Co. and Survival America(TM)

He is also a Rustic Interior Designer, a Freemason, and a Knight Templar. A man whose passion is to awaken humanity to God’s creations and to leave the world a better place when he is gone. His love for God, Family, the wilderness and America is what drives his passion forward, what fuels him to exceed at every turn.



G E O R G E    M E R C A D O
Founder, Photographer, Multimedia Specialist