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The Exploration Florida Crew

At Exploration Florida our team is composed of every day people who love to venture out into the glades, and some of Florida’s most rural and historic locations.  Our team is composed of professionals, we are not thrill seekers, or chest beating egotistical individuals searching to be idolized or wanting fame. We do what we do to inspire others to do the same, to show them the beauty that resides in this glorious state and abroad, We are group of humble individuals who love what we do and who answered the calling of Mother Earth.

As a team, we are merely individuals who have come together for the experience of the adventure and for the journey of self discovery.  Our members are individuals who participate in the production aspect of our videos and/or the marketing of our brand. They use Exploration Florida as a platform to showcase their photography and as avenue to collaborate with others.

Join the team – “Serious people ONLY” please inquire.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Exploration Florida and have the time to participate in our productions, please feel free to inquire. We are always looking for responsible, dedicated individuals to help us in our productions and to be part of the Exploration Florida brand.


George Mercado

Fahad Asmat