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Company Info:

Exploration Florida is an exclusive non for profit, wildlife adventurer organization created by George Mercado with the assistance of Fahad Asmat and Noel Crawford Garcia.  The purpose behind this organization was to merge like minded individuals together for the purpose of capturing the very essence of life in the wild, or abroad in Florida. At Exploration Florida we know that Florida is more than mere beaches and theme parks, it is simply more than that on so many levels.  Florida is about the culture, the people, the deep rooted history and the very land that spreads near and wide that holds unspoiled natural beauty and wonders.

The Team:

Our team is composed of highly qualified, professional individuals who work fluently together in unity as a team of one. Each of our official members have an intensive background in various skills which they utilize for whatever task is set forth for them.  Like a fine tuned machine they are able to deliver high definition images and videos using various formats to educate others and teach awareness about the wild.

The Vision:

This team believes that “Life is a Journey”, a journey which we are here to document and explore, a journey where together we share a bond unlike any other. Within this team there are no egos, but rather a group of humble, creative individuals collaborating as one in order to best capture that moment in hand. We work as a team for the whole of the team and not for the sole interest of one.

The Dangers Ahead:

The Florida Everglades like some of the locations we venture off to are dangerous and not to be taken lightly,  if something happens help may not arrive.  This is why we are very selective of those whom we accept into our organization, this is why we will not go out on an expedition with anyone who is not mentally, physically or emotionally prepared or equipped to handle a real life scenario. At Exploration Florida safety is our highest concern, as is the well being of our team members.  When we enter the glades, we enter the glades at our own risk, but we do everything in our powers to ensure the risk become minimized even though anything can happen.

Contacting Us:

If you are interested in our team and/or wish to purchase photography from us then please feel free to contact us directly.

George Mercado
President: Exploration Florida / The Nature Series / Immortal Shades Studios / George Mercado Photography
@ (954) 338-8300

Fahad Asmat
Vice President:  Exploration Florida / The Nature Series
President: Sawgrass Hopper
@ (786) 344-7124